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Oud Vietnam

Oud Vietnam
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Oud Vietnam - Oud Wood Vietnam - Duc Thu Old Perfume Wood

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Oud Vietnam - Oud Wood Vietnam We’re Oud Vietnam Agarwood Ltd. from Viet Nam, which is a company with a closed activity field in manufacturing and trading of agarwood including providing Agarwood seedlings, planting, hand-crafted agarwood chips, producing Agarwood oil, Agarwood beads, and Incense.
Wild Agarwood Oud Wood Searched by indigenous people in the forest in Vietnam. Oud wood - Agarwood is considered "wood of the Gods." Natural agarwood has gentle and delicate aroma. Since ancient times, agarwood oud incence powder has been used in rituals of many different religions. And agarwood aloeswood chips are often used as fragrance incense.

The natural agawood is also used to make meditation, yoga into the realm of relaxation. In some cultures, it is believed that agarwood disperse negative energy.

The image of a very mature 50-year-old agarwood tree

Oud Vietnam As you know Vietnam Agarwood is known to produce top quality Agarwood and finest oil. The reasons are due to its pleasant, mild scented and the quality strong lasting oil it produced. Besides, its favorable geographical and ecological conditions also contribute to the best source for agarwood and oil among the producers countries.

Vietnam is also home to Ky Nam, a very rare type of Agarwood with a unique scent and chemical composition, which is the most resinous and most appreciated form of agarwood.


Oud Wood Vietnam Agarwood is found in natural forests in some Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Vietnam, ... Vietnam Agarwood is considered as the highest quality agarwood. Vietnam agarwood scent is different from the other types of aquilaria, it is often considered as a precious material for agarwood incense because of this special aroma. We assure you that we always provide natural agarwood chips products harvested from tropical fores.

Our products are 100% organic. Our factory is the biggest in Vietnam for distillation agarwood oil. We specialize in this field over 30 years,the production raw material stability, with good quality and pretty competitive.

Oud Vietnam High quality natural Agarwood, harvested from the rainforests of Quang Nam - Hoi An, central Vietnam by Oudwood Vietnam brand. Natural and rare, high quality with many frankincense essential oil inside. The wonderful fragrance in the world's frankincense. Vietnamese Agarwood is always considered as the highest grade natural Agarwood because of its special aroma.

these oud agarwood chips incense guarantees you long lasting aroma that takes you into another space. You can still smell the fragrance after many hours of burning.

Oud Vietnam - Oud Wood Vietnam This oud wood chips is known as Vietnam best wild oud wood chips. High density agarwood oil inside because very old agarwood chips. Rare and sweet smell. Incense Aroma | Natural Wild and Rare Agarwood Chips from Oudwood Vietnam | Pure Material Grade.

Materials: Natural Agarwood Wood chips from agarwood trees in the forests of Khanh Hoa province, Vietnam. These oud wood pieces are made from hundreds of pieces

Oud chips Agarwood Chips: Oud Agarwood are used very commonly as Home Fragrance Products - Incense of many religions. You can cut or grind our agarwood chips incense for easy burning on coal or electric incense burner.

We wholesale bulk, cheap, agarwood of all kinds, agarwood essential oil, agarwood powder, Vietnamese agarwood powder,... Receive orders as required.

Map showing directions to Huong Xua Duc Thu address

Special shipping for inner city customers within the day, domestic customers from 2 to 3 days, international customers from 15 to 30 day

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"HƯƠNG XƯA ĐỨC THỤ" Want to spread the most unique products to the worldwide meditation culture.

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