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Agarwood Buds

Agarwood Buds
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Agarwood Buds - Agarwood Incense Buds

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Agarwood Buds - Agarwood Incense Buds incense cone is the kind that is trusted by many international friends. We produce according to the designs and requirements of customers, large output for wholesale customers.

Agarwood cones made by Duc Thu when burning less smoke. In addition to Duc Thu Agarwood Incense, there are many types of incense made from herbs. Ingredients from natural wood trees grown in Vietnam.
Light and cozy incense cone for your home, Agarwood cone has many different sizes, mainly from 3cm to 5cm high depending on customers' requirements with different sizes and shapes.

Agarwood Buds

Images of conical agarwood buds, and doll, tower-shaped images produced by Duc Thu

Agarwood Buds The agarwood part will be grinded and then crushed until smooth, to create agarwood buds. The reason they are called agarwood buds is because they are shaped like a small bud.

Agarwood cones are carefully handcrafted by Duc Thu, with high agarwood content, so they are often used in tea ceremonies, meditation, yoga... The scent of frankincense contributes to relaxation, sedation, and tranquillity. heart. calm down or relieve stress. In addition, frankincense is also used to steam rooms to help repel insects and purify indoor air.

Among all the aromatic materials, frankincense is considered the most special because of its characteristic natural aroma. The sweet scent of wood not only evokes a feeling of warmth but also dispels daily fatigue.

Images of conical agarwood, and doll, tower-shaped images produced by Duc Thu

Agarwood Incense Buds Northern Agarwood cone includes 30 herbs and cedar creating a seductive fragrance. Ingredients: Cardamom, green cypress, golden sandalwood, nutmeg powder, frankincense, cloves, licorice ... pleasant, no chemicals inside, herbs grown in Southeast Asian countries including Vietnam.

The characteristics of cone-shaped incense are brown, burning less smoke, emitting a gentle, pleasant aroma, a gentle aroma, helping to refresh the spirit without causing difficulty breathing, stuffy nose, stinging eyes. Green incense box, red logo, hand-painted fairy scene of 2 deer have spread to customers in Vietnam and many countries around the world.

Images of conical agarwood buds, and doll, tower-shaped images produced by Duc Thu

Agarwood Buds - Agarwood Incense Buds Agarwood Bud from Duc Thu is made of 100% natural agarwood, it is safe for health. It has a light scent, to be used in healthcare or warming your room.

At Duc Thu, there are 3 types: specials, firsts and seconds. Depending on your need, choose the right one for you. Now you can relax right at home with Agarwood from Duc Thu.

The scent from Agarwood buds is not easy to combine with other herbs that will neutralize the effect of Agarwood buds. After years of research, we have accumulated and created as desired, with fragrance products.

Agarwood buds not only bring people's health, but also clean space at cultural and spiritual sites such as Temples, Pagodas, Mieu, Phu... This entry was posted in the manual and tagged with incense products. clean from herbs

"HƯƠNG XƯA ĐỨC THỤ" With the desire to spread and shine throughout the countries the unique features and characteristics of Zen culture, We have built a reputation for service, reliability and quality by serving goods. Satisfied thousands of customers worldwide".

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