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Premium Agarwood Chips

Premium Agarwood Chips
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Premium Agarwood Chips - Agarwood Thin Pieces

Cẩm Nang

Hương Xưa Đức Thụ

Premium Agarwood Chips - Agarwood Thin Pieces Agarwood, aloe, eagle or ghariwood is a dark myrrh wood used in incense, perfumery, and small carvings. This resinous wood is often called oud or oudh from Arabic: عود, transliteration: ʿūd, pronounced ʕuːd. It is formed in the heartwood of agarwood trees when they are infected with a fungus Phialophora parasitica and secrete a resin to fight mold.

Before infection, the heartwood is odorless, relatively light, and pale in color; however, as the infection progresses, the plant produces a dark aromatic resin, called aloe not to be confused with aloe, a succulent commonly known as bitter aloe or jelly not to be confused with jelly. can eat. Yes, derived from algae as well as gaharu, jinko, oud, or oodh aguru not to be confused with bukhoor, which in response to attack, produces a very dense, dark wood. It is prized in East and South Asian cultures for its distinctive aroma, and is therefore used in incense and perfumery.

Premium Agarwood Chips

image of thin agarwood from nature exploited by Huong Xua Duc Thu

Premium Agarwood Chips is the signature scent of agarwood, a sweet, deep and balanced scent. Agarwood incense has a gentle aroma, the warmth of woody plants and a hint of musk. Agarwood incense is very durable, and helps to balance the smell and taste of spices, making the overall smell harmonious and balanced.

Agarwood chips Types of arrangements are exploited from the natural mountains of Vietnam in provinces such as Quang Nam, Quang Binh, Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa. Agarwood thin pieces are used in home fumigation, precious pharmaceuticals... The size of the sight pieces is 1 - 5 cm, quite small, easy to ignite the magnetic source, so it is very easy to use for home nebulization.

Premium Agarwood Chips

image of thin agarwood from nature exploited by Huong Xua Duc Thu

Agarwood Thin Pieces Agarwood flakes is divided into several types with corresponding prices based on the content of Agarwood essential oil in the finished product. For more information please contact via gmail huongnhangducthu@gmail.com or call directly 0911201949.

Premium agarwood chips is a convenient and simple way to taste incense. Agarwood has a soothing effect on nerves and has a good conditioning effect on insomnia, dreams, etc. Buddhists believe that agarwood is the only sacred thing that can communicate with the Three Realms.

Agarwood aroma can remove room odor and purify the environment. Agarwood before bedtime helps sleep. Natural agarwood will have a sweet aroma when lit.

Premium Agarwood Chips

image of thin agarwood from nature exploited by Huong Xua Duc Thu

Premium Agarwood Chips - Agarwood Thin Pieces

Product Name: Đức Thụ Agarwood (Hương Xưa Đức Thụ)

Type of incense Herbs From Nature (Traditional Medicine)
Paper box color blue
Sample Free shipping
Height 10 cm to 30 cm
Box (100g)
Price 380,000 Vnd
Close Package box and plastic bag
Very little smoke Do not use for quality preservation, easy to mold, please be careful.
natural Agarwood natural Agarwood

Special shipping for inner city customers within the day, domestic customers from 2 to 3 days, international customers from 15 to 30 days

The product has been tested for safety at:

In order for the product to retain its fragrance and resist mildew during use, please follow the following storage procedures:

  • Keep the product dry and cool.
  • Show live light and lower temperature.
  • Store the product carefully when using it will not lose its fragrance.

Buyers contact: For detailed product advice, please contact:

Hotline CSKH: - 0934108668 - 0911201949

Email: sutpport@huongxuaducthu.com

Address: Lane 28, house number 29, Tu Lien Au Co - Tay Ho - Ha Noi

Hương Xưa Đức Thụ Want to spread the most unique products to the worldwide meditation culture.

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